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Next event is coming soon!

Location TBD!

Join us for days of a Holy Spirit led time to align on HIS plan,
build relationship and encounter HIM together at the Gathering of Saints!



In planning

Time & Date

In planning


In planning


In planning


In planning

More detailed infos will become available and will be sent out via Email soon.

The Vision

The desire behind the Gathering of Saints is to bring together those who have been joined to THEM in Christ and who are connected relationally. We come from nations across Europe to see a manifestation of ONE Church, in unity, led by the Spirit, no matter the form. We want to think bigger and see beyond just our individual churches, even beyond our own individual nation, to join together in HIS plan. We want to inspire and encourage each other and let ourselves be prepared for the coming last great harvest before Jesus’ return. We’re focused on coming into the maturity of “Christ in us, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27), displayed in everyone in their everyday life as the army of the nameless and faceless!

What to expect

  • 200 people from 5+ nations
  • Let God strategically connect you with others.
  • Celebrate Jesus together in what He is doing.
  • Pray and worship together.
  • Be inspired and encouraged by apostolic teaching.
  • Listen to Holy Spirit, to what He is saying now to the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Come with no set agenda but be led by the Spirit.
  • Outreach to the surrounding area to see people healed, saved, delivered
  • A visit to Herrnhut with intercession in the Prayer Room of the “Jesus House”


We try to keep things very simple, reproducible and low cost and also give space for you to share and bring what God has given you. That’s why we have a simple infrastructure and everyone takes care of their own accommodation. This also means we don’t provide a lot of extra things centrally – but, if you have it on your heart to serve the people at the Gathering in a specific way, we’d love to connect with you and either for you to join a team that we’ve already started or offer something we don’t have at the moment.

Opportunities to support or lead a team: worship, sound & light, parking attendant, media, registration, security, translation (From English to German (from the front) or Polish and Czech (simultaneous from the back with a headset), outreach, visit to Herrnhut with corporate prayer time.

Opportunities to lead or support (we don’t have this yet): kids, youth, first aid / conference medic

History of the Gathering

The Gathering of Saints first started in Poland in 2023. Over the years, many went through the BeFree youth camps and later the School of the 70 in Poland. (Since 2023, the School is also in Germany.) These occasions brought forth many disciples who spread out all over the countries. Over time, the desire arose in the participants to reconnect with each other, connect to different generations, get inspired, and to encourage each other. This led to the FollowUp conferences that happened regularly over a few years in Poland.

After they ended, the Gathering of Saints was born with a similar purpose but different focus—less on teaching and more on connecting, with an organic and spontaneous agenda that provides for a lot of freedom for everyone to shape the time together.

The team and their desires for the Gathering

The Gathering was initiated and is led by an international 5-fold ministry team that God has put together. It is this team that has also led the School of the 70. It is our desire to multiply what God has given each one of us through inspiring, empowering, and maturing the Church, the Bride of Christ. At the Gathering, we want to do this by inviting those whom God has connected from across nations in Europe and giving opportunity for God to do what He wants to do among us, leading us further into His great plan in these last days.

School of the 70

If you’d like to know more about the School of the 70, head over to for the German School
and for the Polish School.

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